About Us

Olion Ltd.:  Zero latency Wireless HD system solution


Olion designs and manufactures military systems for high range and zero latency (< 1 mSec) wireless HD video. Our products are based on a unique video-modem technology that has been embedded in mass production silicon chipset and is widely used by the consumer, professional and medical markets.

The Unmet Need

The dominance of unmanned platforms is growing rapidly in the combat fields. Whether they operate in the air, ground or sea, many of the platforms offer live firing capabilities. Latency and crystal clear imaging are becoming more and more critical for securing target hits with robust and accurate sight. Olion’s technology offer un-paralleled operational capabilities that secure zero latency between the field and the operator’s visuals.


Olion’s systems utilize a “Joint Source Channel Coding” (JSCC) modem with a 2×5 or 2×3 antennas MIMO RF link. The link supports a variety of environments: indoor, outdoor, urban and LOS with range of larger than 10Km.

Olion’s platforms can be tuned for maximal range, best video resolution (up to 1080p60), or optimal RF bandwidth. At all times the latency is kept under 1mSec !

The company

Olion is an Israeli startup company. Our team combines years of system, RF, product management & marketing expertise with JSCC Video-Modem products. Our patented military systems are based on the commercially proven and mature of JSCC chipset, which we enhanced and adopted for the use in military applications.

Olion’s Comparative Advantages

  •   The world’s best spectral efficiency solution.
  •   Visually lossless HD video with zero latency.
  •   Small size and weight
  •   Low power