Olion’s solutions are based on a unique video-modem ASIC technology, utilizing a “Joint Source Channel Coding” (JSCC) modem with a 2×3 antennas MIMO RF link. The use of JSCC, as opposed to using standard H.264 with digital wireless modem, allows optimization of the wireless link for video applications.

The JSCC technology introduce three major benefits for wireless video links:

  • Zero latency – less than 1mSec
  • No video compression, allowing best picture resolution
  • Grace-full picture degradation at lower link budgets


Claude Shannon -Communication Channel Capacity


On top of the JSCC scheme, Olion’s link use 2×3 MIMO RF, making the wireless link robust for a variety of environments: indoor, outdoor, urban and LOS with range of up to 20KM.

Olion’s platforms can be tuned for maximal range, best video resolution (up to 1080p60), or optimal RF bandwidth. At all times the latency is kept under 1mSec (!)

Detailed information on technology will be delivered per request