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Tactical Vision

Zero latency and high resolution video allow best oversight capabilities for command posts found away from the battlefield.
This is especially true for commanding field firing posts and special operations units.
Seeing the detailed video as seen on the field, by the tactical team, at zero latency give the remote post commander the option to take immediate firing decisions. This is not an option when the latency between the video coming from the field and the actual firing trigger operation is more than few hundreds of milliseconds.

Armed Unmanned Vehicles

Armed vehicle that allow remote firing and maneuvering capabilities are the killer application for high definition and zero latency wireless video link.
These two mission critical tasks are becoming more and more important for ground and sea vessels (air born vehicles are usually capable for self navigation and use “fire and ero Zero latency and high resolution video allow the remote operators to drive the unmanned vehicles and apply field firing commands on targets seen on the vessel’s tactical vision.
Adding video delay of few hundreds of milliseconds may result in target miss and impose unnecessary hurdle on the remote driver.